- Released Maps -

Map Description Purpose VMF
Frost Abandoned 2019 mapping competition entry. Deathmatch dm_frost.vmf
Soccer Arena Stand-Alone Soccer Arena with functional arena mechanics. Misc gm_soccerarena.vmf
Soccer Island The Soccer arena, except it's on an island. Misc gm_soccerisland_v1.vmf
Amsterville 4 Playing with the idea of remaking amsterville, didn't get very far. Roleplay rp_amsterville_v4.vmf
City18 v2 Playing with the idea of remaking city18 v1. Roleplay rp_c18_v2.vmf
City26 v3 A half way complete city26 remake, I lost interest in at one point. Roleplay rp_city26_v3.vmf
Festivity v1 Completed Dec. 2017, never released. Roleplay rp_festivity_v1.vmf
Festivity v2 2-3 years WIP, replaced by ProjectC. Roleplay rp_festivity_v2.vmf
Freemancity v2 Freemancity remaster using the same concepts presented in Tissue's own unreleased fmcv2. Roleplay rp_freemancity_v2_final.vmf
Freemancity v2 - Lightshow DEV Dev build of the fmcv2 club lights. Misc rp_freemancity_v2_lightshow_d.vmf
Freemancity v2 - Lightshow FULL Same as Dev build except it's placed in the club. Misc rp_freemancity_v2_lightshow_f.vmf
New Eden It was supposed to be a utopia... inspired by a trip I recently took that summer. Roleplay rp_neweden.vmf
Ocean City The 2020 Remake of a 2018 project. Roleplay rp_oc.vmf
Plaza19 Not the latest build, but the only vmf I have of my first ever solo rp map. (2015~) I only have the b8 bsp. Roleplay rp_plaza19_b9.vmf
Project C This map would've been Car & Standalone House oriented with Ice Fishing & Hockey. Roleplay rp_projectc.vmf
Something Park I just wanted to make something pretty. Misc rp_something_park.vmf
Uptown v4 The Original Uptown v4 Release, probably the best overall map I've made for hl2dm. Roleplay rp_uptown_v4.vmf
Uptown v4u 1 Year uptown update, unreleased. superseded by Uptown v5 shortly after. Roleplay rp_uptown_v4u.vmf
Uptown v5 The largest and final revision of uptown I've released. Roleplay rp_uptown_v5.vmf
Uptown v6 Unreleased, unfinished and at this point forever abandoned. Roleplay rp_uptown_v6.vmf
Venice Apt Zoo All the apartments found n rp_venice. Easily pastable for use in other maps. Misc rp_venice_apt_zoo.vmf
Venice It's venice...(Pre-Boss) Roleplay rp_venice_b12b_fixed.vmf